Empowering Your Leaders

We can provide comprehensive support throughout your change program, encapsulating consulting advice, coaching and mentoring for your change leaders, and change monitoring and assurance.


However, you may feel that your organisation is well prepared to tackle the change and would prefer to use us as a sounding board, as an external input at critical milestones in the project, or as a source of support for your change leaders through ad-hoc coaching sessions.


We provide the following additional services, enabling our clients to draw on our expertise for training, coaching or on reviewing existing change programs that are already in progress.


One-day training course for change leaders

Fee dependent on number of attendees

Coaching session for change leader – One-off

$400 per hour

Coaching session for change leader – 3 Sessions

$350 per hour

Coaching session for change leader – 5 Sessions

$300 per hour

Rapid Change Diagnostic – 5 Days





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