Change Leadership Consulting.... 

         ....with a difference

We believe that lasting change

must come from within and cannot be imposed.

We work with your change leaders 

to give them the expertise, tools, coaching and support 

to enable them to lead the change from within.

We are thought leaders in the practice of change management 

and our aim is to build that expertise into your organisation.


About Sensei

At Sensei, we support our clients in driving the transformational change required to ensure their long-term success. This change may involve forging a new strategic path, developing new capabilities, enhancing organisation resilience, or changing organisation structure, practices or systems.

We are thought leaders in the practice of change management, and we advocate a refreshingly different approach to supporting our clients. Our approach is driven by our belief that change cannot be imposed but must come from within, and that large-scale change is often emergent or evolutionary.

We recognise that leaders of large-scale and transformational change need to go beyond the usual project focus on time and cost. Driving a fundamental shift in thinking, changing values and behaviours, and embedding new business models requires an ability to understand, engage and influence people across the organisation.

We provide the consulting expertise, change frameworks and tools to shape, guide and execute change. What sets us apart is our emphasis on developing, coaching and empowering your leaders to deliver change that is embraced and sustained. We also focus on a dynamic and iterative approach to ensure that the change strategy adapts as the change unfolds.

You may be familiar with the term “Sensei” from the Japanese language and from its use in martial arts. The term means teacher or master. We strive to be masters in the practice of leading transformational change, and our focus is on building that expertise in your change leaders.




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